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Starting with a blog


So, a million dollar question is:

“What is a blog?” or “What is Blogging?”

There’s a bigger probability that before you reach here, you would have probably got one bleak idea afterall what the heck it is. Google or Yahoo or Bing, some of the ultimate ways to point you in the right direction, and there is a possibility that you have been sent here by any of these search giants.

Now concentrating on the core question-

“What is a blog?”

As per wikipedia, the free online encyclopedia:

“A blog (a truncation of the expression weblog) is a discussion or informational site published on the World Wide Web and consisting of discrete entries (“posts”) typically displayed in reverse chronological order (the most recent post appears first).”

So, you have finally decided to start blogging? You ask how do we know? It’s obvious that you’ve decided because you’ve reached this far to learn about blogs and blogging.
You would still probably ask how and what do you need to start a blog and kickstart your blogging career. Well that’s an obvious question for anyone. Well, the answer could be as simple as – “A Motive”, yes, Will to reach out to the world to convey what you want to. Blogging, is increasingly being seen as quite an effective way to reach out to masses, and people blog for a variety of reasons, providing quite a good amount of anonymity in the process, as it is quite possible to hide your real identity unless you are not doing something that the platform is forced to legally make you identifiable. There are blogs for a vast variety of topics, with people choosing to start a blog to maintain a virtual electronic diary of their life and memoirs, to using it as a medium to stay in touch with their near and dear ones, to showcase their literary creativity by sharing stories, poems and some other types of literary works, those involved in literature are well versed with, others choosing to share their artistic abilities with the paintbrush, to needles and threads, to housekeeping and a variety of other stuff. Most of these bloggers are regular people, who would like sharing parts of their lives with others, given a chance. People share their life experiences, stories and poems, their artwork, their life, children, hobbies, knowledge in areas of expertise, research, and some of the more famous personalities like politicians, businessmen, actors, artistes, sportsmen, and other eminent personalities choose to blog in order to keep their fans and admirers informed about latest happenings in their lives (giving a glimpse into their closely guarded lives, which, most often are out of other people’s knowledge). Often businesses do have blogs to communicate with the masses, partners, investors, associated with them. In these cases, many a times, businesses, do have people appointed to maintain and manage blogs. A good example can be Google’s Matt Cutts, maintaining one of the most visited personal blogs of our times. Matt, talks of all sorts of stuff, from making announcements about Google’s strategies (Ofcourse, with Google’s expressed permission, we believe), he talks about his personal life, about his plans to go on leave, even asking for book suggestions from his readers.
Moving to another part of the answer to the question – You need to have an idea, a rather clear one, how you want to structure your blog? Before you step in, be aware that Blogging, now-a-days is a highly competitive field, unless you are some famous personality, or, someone, who can even look at controversies to fuel that fan following, it’ll be hard to survive.
Now, you have a motive to write and convey your thinking, your ideas, and probably an expertise, you can move forward to think over what and how are you going to achieve this. This, is the part where a number of blogging platforms come into play. Yes, you heard it right, there are number of blogging platforms, both free as well as paid that help you achieve your motive. A Blogging Platform is nothing much, but a piece(s) of software stitched together and presented to the end user as a software that can help even a layman to publish his/her ideas, content on the world wide web. This means that even the person who doesn’t have any experience into the world of web, leave aside designing a web page, can, as well publish himself/herself with the use of these blogging platforms. While some are quite popular, some are not much popular, but, every platform has its positive as well as negative points. Even the most popular ones do have their own share of drawbacks that will further be discussed in the upcoming posts, when we discuss some of these blogging platforms in a greater detail. For now, we can just concentrate on some of these blogging platforms, which can help us start a blog, and, well, reach out to the world.
You can have a blog to rant about your daily activities, your work or study or your boss! Your boyfriend or girlfriend, your husband or wife, your kids, or a whole lot different – your hobbies, your art-work, your photography/videography skills, your knowledge and expertise in topics like latest gadgets, software and hardware, automobiles, your understanding of how these work, your ability to teach others how to use these, via some tutorial articles on your blog, cooking blogs for the those having a culinary bent, you can have a review blog for almost any topic, including movies, books, software and hardware, services, places of recreation, restaurants, food, automobiles-cars and bikes, to name a few. Actually the limits of what can be blogged upon are virtually none!
We believe, that would be more than enough to give you a slight insight into how to start blogging. In the upcoming posts, we will take a look at some of the blogging platforms we gave you a hint of, above, that you can use to start your blog. We will include both, free as well as paid blogging platforms, a variety of blogging platforms, with a varied ease of use, each having its own pros and cons, to let you decide better.

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Preface to this blog

This blog, a small contribution to the blogging world, which has helped me reach out to the world, helped me put up my thoughts freely at my own will, the way I want, without anyone interfering with the way I want to express my thoughts.

Before I move forward, please allow me introduce myself, to you, to help me better connect to you, and express myself better, and make this blog, a bit helpful to you. Blogging has been one of the favourite past times for me, for just around now, as of writing this. You can also consider this as an opportunity for a predominantly shy guy, one who is more than a reserved one in almost every walk of life, from expressing his thoughts, to talking in a group of unknown people, and more reserved in having friends. Being said that, let me give you an indepth view of myself. I am Ajeet Sharma, and I’ve been a very small part in the blogosphere, for some time now. I write under the pseudonym (pen name) “CyberKID“. The reason I chose the name, was that, I was quite influenced by the technology around me, and more than that, I was much more fascinated by the IT revolution, which first came into appearance to me when I was in class V. Since then I’ve grown to know that being a very small part, in the world of technology. My fascination, willingness and curiosity to know about things has forever been a part of my nature. Be it technology in the field of Computers, Electronics, Warfare, Space, Robotics, Engineering, and all kinds of tech stuff; the “KID” part signifies a part of it, considering that a small kid is always very curious to know stuff, than a grown up person, and I want to always remain a kid, inquisitive and curious, The “Cyber” just tells you that I’m all about technology, – The IT revolution. A large part of my time goes on the computer – my laptop, and the internet, so, it has now become an integral part of my daily life, so, it is “Cyber“. I believe that what I know in this information intensive world is just a very small part, so, my efforts are focussed towards knowing more, and enhancing my knowledge over time.

Being a part of the blogging world for around 2 years now, starting with a blog to share my hobby, of gardening with like minded people, I’ve experienced that there is more than what meets the eye, to start, write and maintain a blog; and even more, keeping it alive through the ups and downs of it. Believe me, a lot of effort goes in, especially when one is genuinely into it. We bloggers, who come from all the walks of life, are really a diverse lot. Some of us are good at writing, some are good at painting or drawing, and some are good at something else. What makes us alike is the passion we have in ourselves that makes us to blog, and show the world, what we are capable of.

Coming from varied backgrounds of life, our social, economic and educational traits too differ a lot. While some bloggers belong to a particular social or economic background for which, a particular niche they are working in, suits better, others are educated in a different niche, which they use to the best of their abilities to write wonderful and not-so-wonderful articles on their blogs, which many a times comes in handy for the readers. Here, the one common thing among all bloggers from different backgrounds is the technology we all use. The Web (the Internet) has enabled us to express our voices, the way we want, and express it without anyone’s interference and this is one of the biggest distinctions between social media (including sites like facebook, twitter, pinterest and personal blogs) and traditional media. Though, a blogger is bound by the moral responsibility to not post anything that is objectionable to anyone.

Now, I think I should concentrate on the reason for starting this blog. Having started blogging, I wanted to interact with some other like minded people, so as to know more about how to continue with my blog, and also, to pursue blogging as more than a hobby, and making it to be a professional blogger. In my journey, from being a rookie, to a somewhat learnt one, I have been into highs and lows, fiddling with hundreds of pages as a result of Google search, to searching through thousands of lines of HTML codes of the blogger template and trying numerous codes to get even the smallest thing done properly. The fact that I saw as an easy to use platform to host my blog, though not entirely aware of the differences, and also of the fact that WordPress allows much more flexibility and ease in customization as the user wants, given the large support community and the numerous plugins available for easy customizations.