Blogger Basics: Setting the correct timezones

So you set up your blog and have been blogging wonderfully. You update your blog regularly, provide your users with rich content and this effort now seems to be paying off and as an indicator of this you get to see the visitor count graph, going up and up every month. Since you are the only one working on it, you decide that in order to keep your blog regularly updated, it is essential for you to have some blog posts in reserve so that in the event of you being unable to work on and post an update on your blog for some reason. To make sure that your blog doesn’t get hit negatively because you didn’t post anything on a blog for a couple of weeks now because of that engagement of yours.
To do this you decide that you will use a very handy feature available in almost all blogging platforms. The future that we’re talking here about is Post Scheduling. In case you still don’t know about this feature, let us take a look at how this works. Post scheduling is a nifty and pretty handy feature available in almost all the popular blogging platforms. This small feature lets you draft a blogpost, and then schedule, it to be published, in future or a past date, according to when you plan this blogpost to be published. All you need to do is, instead of clicking the publish button, you have to select a date and time to schedule the blogpost publishing, and then click the publish button. Your draft will be scheduled to be published by the blogging platform at the time you have just scheduled it at.
Now you know, all the important things about post scheduling and have written some blog posts to act as a reserve for the time when you cannot update your blog yourself. You write the blog post, you ensure that the users get the quality they expect from you and you also ensure that they get to see a blog post or an update from your blog into their mailboxes, right according to the schedule you have decided and have been following in updating your blog accordingly, in the past as well. You now schedule a post to be published tomorrow at 8 a.m. sharp. You check everything, you cross check again and once you are satisfied that everything is fine and also that your regular blog readers will get the blog post delivered into their mailboxes, right at 8 a.m. sharp and off you go to finish off your important task, that was more important and was the reason you could not publish a blog post yourself. The next day you get some time to check out the mailbox on your smartphone and this is when you get a shock. There is no mail announcing the new blogpost in your mailbox, about the blog post that was supposed to be published at 8 a.m. , and must have been published by now. This is something you can’t rectify right now as you don’t have so much time to sit back and check the reason for that unpublished blog post.

After a couple of hours you get some free time you check out your blog’s dashboard and you then publish that unpublished blog post that was supposed to be published and delivered to your readers’ mailboxes at 8 a.m., as you have been doing for the past 1 year. You don’t get the reason why the blogging platforms didn’t publish a blog post that you scheduled for 8 a.m. Then you realize that small text that was shown right under the date/time that was shown when you scheduled the blogpost – Pacific Standard Time. You get baffled, – but you are in sitting down and publishing this blog in Australia. You now realize the mistake you did. While you are sitting in Australia, and the timezone observed at your place is GMT +11 Australian Eastern Daylight Time, the default timezone for your blogger blog, however was GMT -8 Pacific Standard Time. This essentially means that while you thought that your blogpost will be published at 8 a.m. according to your time, the blogpost will actually be published 19 hours after the time you planned your blogpost to be published.
With the above paragraphs, what we wanted to make you realize was the fact that setting a proper timezone for your blog is as important as your work on your blog. In this article, we help you set up the proper timezone for your blog, to make the best use of all the features, like the post scheduling feature we just discussed above. This small and harmless looking feature becomes quite tricky when your blogging platform is Blogger, since, any new blog that is created on Google’s Blogger platform comes with GMT -8 (PDT) time zone, and you are supposed to reset this time zone to the one that is observed at your location.


To set up the correct timezone for your blogger blog, you have to just navigate down to Settings in your blogger dashboard, while you are logged into your account. Once in, under the head Formatting, you can see the setting, Time Zone that, by default, shows (GMT-8:00) Pacific Time. From the dropdown, just select the correct timezone, if you know that, and in case you don’t know what timezone your country follows, you can just scroll to find┬ásome city (in most probablities, it will be the capital city of your country), then select this and save the setting. You are done! From now on, any blogpost that you schedule to be published at a particula time, will be published, on time, given that you have actually clicked the Publish button while scheduling the blogpost. More on this in the upcoming article.


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