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Blogger Basics: Setting the correct timezones

So you set up your blog and have been blogging wonderfully. You update your blog regularly, provide your users with rich content and this effort now seems to be paying off and as an indicator of this you get to see the visitor count graph, going up and up every month. Since you are the

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Blogger Basics: Adding basic meta tags to your blog

With the advent of internet and related technologies, and the deeper penetration of internet throughout the world, it has become all the more important to be discovered in all this heap of millions of websites, big and small, blogs and stuff. This makes things quite tricky for the average Bill’s and Joe’s to be found in

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Adding a custom menu in blogger blog part-2

In the last post, we started off with a tutorial for people using Google’s Blogger as a platform to publish their blogs on, outlining ways for them to add a custom menu in their blogger blog, a menu, which is now almost necessary in websites and blogs alike. In the earlier post, we tried to figure out ways

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